Greatest Peaches To Be Found!

Not much to do with my usual postings, but it is harvest season. I had to make a few comments about my peaches…

Utah’s motto is “The Greatest Snow On Earth.” Well, I’m not a skier, so I can’t comment on that with any degree of credibility, but I can comment on our peaches. I grew up in Brigham City and our annual agricultural festival is called “Peach Days.” We had peach trees in our yard growing up, and I have a peach tree in our yard in Orem. I’ve been to Georgia and bought peaches from fruit stands on the side of the road and just don’t understand all the hoopla about Georgia peaches. Maybe they beat Utah in quantity, but I prefer the peaches from my back yard hands down over the ones I’ve had in Georgia. These peaches are worlds apart from the stuff that gets imported from California too. Ours wouldn’t ship well, but they sure are sweet and juicy! Nothing better than eating a fresh peach that is five inches in diameter and so juicy that the juice runs down your arm and drips off your elbow.

I finished picking the peaches tonight and Linda and I will be making pie filling tomorrow night and freezer jam on Saturday. I’ll probably puree some so we can make peach smoothies this winter. Somewhere in there I need to press about 85 more pounds of grapes too.

Last year Alton Brown of “Good Eats” had a program on peaches. I emailed him and told him if he were ever in Utah, he should try some of ours, but he hasn’t called to see if he could drop in. Oh well, his loss.

My poor tree has seen better days though. The borers are starting to get to it, so I think I’ll be buying another one and next spring I’ll graft a start from the existing tree onto the rootstock of the new one. Even though I can buy the same variety as the one we have, I haven’t ever found an elberta peach that is as good as the one we have in our yard.


One response to “Greatest Peaches To Be Found!

  1. They have peach days in Hurricane UT too!

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