Food Cravings

Barrels of candy

A short time ago I was using StumbleUpon and came across a web page that discussed food cravings and what they meant. For example, the article states that if you crave bread, your body really needs nitrogen. The article then suggests food sources for the need. In the case of nitrogen, high-protein foods.

I’ve always been one who craves refined carbs and sweets. As a result, my triglycerides have been through the roof (well, before I changed my lifestyle anyway). I have noticed that eating some protein does satiate those cravings, while eating what I crave just makes me want more of the bad thing. For example, one of my favorite candies is cinnamon bears. If I get started, I literally could go through a whole pound of them in one sitting – eating them until I was sick to my stomach. If I eat a small amount of protein, I feel satisfied and the craving goes away.

If you have experience with replacing your cravings for unhealthy things for healthy ones, I would love to hear your stories. Please leave your comments.

If you’re interested in the original article, here’s a link to it. Read it and come on back and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Naturopathyworks – food cravings…

Photo by Jeff Tabaco


2 responses to “Food Cravings

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  2. I have very bad hypoglecemia,cant have anything with corn syrup or highfrutose.It causes dangerous sugar lows.I found out myself if I eat protein I feel almost normal.I am so happy to hear from some who knows about protein and sugar cravings. MJ

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