Cocoa More Important than Penicillin?

Norman Hollenberg, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School says that epicatechin, one of the flavonoids in cacao, has such powerful health benefits, it “may rival penicillin and anaesthesia in terms of importance to public health.” He thinks it is so important it should be considered a vitamin.

He has spent years studying the Kuna people in Panama, who drink large amounts of cocoa. He found that four of the five most common killer diseases in the industrialized world are significantly reduced. He attributes that reduction to the high levels of epicatechin in cocoa.

As usual, a link to the article is found below.

ScienceDaily: Cocoa ‘Vitamin’ Health Benefits Could Outshine Penicillin

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4 responses to “Cocoa More Important than Penicillin?

  1. which is fraction that contain flavonoid????

  2. I’m not sure if this is what you are asking, but about 15% of the cacao bean by weight is made up of various flavonoids, mostly epicatichin and catachin.

    Remember that the flavonoids are substantially reduced or neutralized by normal processing. Look for a chocolate that is not heat processed or dutched (alkalized).

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  4. Dark chocolate has to be processed a certain way to get the anti oxidant benefits and it has to be at least 70% dark cocoa content

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